Lawrence Rubel
Senior Project Manager   

Abhishek Vadaliya
  Project Manager   

Timothy Clarke

Scott Disher | AIA President

Scott  earned a bachelor of Architecture from Clemson University where he studied Architectural Design at Clemson University's Center for Building Research and Urban Design in Genoa, Italy. Prior to forming ASI, Scott led design teams in several highly successful Architectural firms. With the founding of ASI in 1989, Scott has gained recognition throughout South Florida for his combination of exceptional design abilities, commitment to client satisfaction and value engineering techniques. 

James Trache
Christine Walker
Senior Associate

Architectural Studio Inc 

"To create timeless innovative design solutions using value engineering and state-of-the-art production techniques while delivering our work on time, on budget, with the highest possible level of client services." 

​​​​​Victor Velasquez
Project Manager